Continuous Delivery 3.0 on the Microsoft stack

Continuous Delivery 3.0 on the Microsoft stack

Agile and Scrum radically changed software development, shifting the source of production bottlenecks from development teams to delivery. Shipping the “done” increment on demand is the solution. But a fully-optimized continuous delivery strategy requires rethinking and reinventing both your software development and application lifecycle management (ALM) processes. This two-day training taught in Dutch covers everything you need to know to do continuous delivery the right way. Learn how to build and setup a continuous delivery strategy using Visual Studio Team Services to shape your pipeline. State-of-the-art tooling, technology and concepts, like distributed version control, continuous integration, release pipelines, automated testing and container technology, all come into play.

Audience Profile Continuous Delivery 3.0 on the Microsoft stack Training

You will benefit from the Continuous Delivery 3.0 on the Microsoft Stack training if:

  • you are a software architect or
  • you are a lead developer designing and implementing a continuous delivery strategy
  • you are new to continuous delivery or just beginning to make some progress
  • you are ready to shift your perspective and move on to Continuous Delivery  3.0
  • you have some experience with C# development and Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services

Achievements upon completion


  • understand the what, how and why of Continuous Delivery 3.0
  • gain alternative views on familiar concepts: version control, build, test automation, application insights and release management

You’ll learn:

  • how to use container technology (Docker) in both your development and application lifecycles
  • advanced topics, including: feature toggles, dark launching, A/B testing and canary releases

You’ll gain hands-on experience in:

  • create a release pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services and Azure
  • create an ARM template to provision new machines in Azure
  • implement advanced strategies for continuous delivery
  • create a simple container on Windows using Docker

You’ll have the skills to:

  • design and implement a Continuous Delivery 3.0 strategy
  • implement your own release pipeline with Visual Studio Team Services
  • use Microsoft Azure as a platform extension for development and testing

Additional Information


  • Training Level: Intermediate
  • Some experience with C# development and Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services is required.
  • Please bring your own laptop computer with remote desktop capabilities. We will facilitate an Azure subscription, Desktop and Visual Studio Team Services account.
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2 days


Dagopleiding 9:00 - 17:00


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